Ramez helou



Ramez Helou


Ramez Helou has personal field experience and an inspirational attitude that has made him an extraordinary force in sales and negotiation training programs. Often referred as the 'SALES DOCTOR', Ramez is one of the top keynote speakers in the Middle East.

With a history that includes international company ownership, multi-million dollar sales and some of the highest industry accolades, Ramez is a master trainer and consultant who energizes and challenges his audiences to increase sales results.

At just 19 years of age, Ramez began his career in direct sales while studying International Business at Villanova University in Philadelphia, USA. His passion for work and his zest for life meant everything was possible and before long, this extraordinary entrepreneur founded his own multi-million dollar corporation, ‘RH International Inc.’ as an independent contractor.

In a bold move from Philadelphia to Puerto Rico, Ramez broadened his experience and portfolio, successfully building a revolving sales force of more than 300 team members in 10 branch locations including Costa Rica.

His personal achievements as well as corporate successes have made him a role model within B2B and B2C sales industries. With career sales exceeding US$14 million Ramez earned a place in the hall of fame – an honor bestowed on only a handful of sales giants with Vector Marketing.

More recently, Ramez worked at Unilever Food Solutions in Dubai where he held positions as the company’s Head of Sales, Business Head and Regional Sales Training Manager for Asia, Africa and the Middle East. He also authored the organization’s “Global B2B Sales Training Program”, which is still used across the world today.

In another series of phenomenal results, Ramez implemented new strategies and instilled new energy into his teams to turn Unilever Food Solutions Middle East sales from a five year losing streak into profitability.

In 2010,Ramez realized that the best way to use his extraordinary talents was to share them. He is currently the Honorary Chief Learning Officer for the Direct Selling Educational Institute and serves as the Founder and CEO of The Academy for Sales Excellence Management Consultancy headquartered in Dubai. He is fluent in English, Arabic, French and Spanish and has shared his sales secrets with more than 60,000 people in 25 countries across 4 continents.


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