Melissa M - Sales Executive, Online Advertising

“I originally attended the Sales & Negotiations Bootcamp to improve skills in negotiating salary for a new job as a Personal Assistant. What I learned at this workshop literally changed my life. I realized that I could get a better job and applied for a position as a commissioned sales executive and I got the job. I doubled my income, opened up over 80 new accounts for my company and increased revenue over 1000%! My favorite part of the workshop was the interactive exercises about negotiating and being able to practice with other delegates. I love to negotiate now and create win/win agreements with my customers. This Negotiations Process can be used in any industry as it is the basic fundamental’s that once learned and practiced, can truly set you on course for a great life. Thank you Ramez from the bottom of my heart!!” 


Franz Erasmus - Practice Manager, CA Technologies – Middles East & North Africa

“Being able to close deals was always a mystery to me. Sometimes I succeeded and a lot of times I did not. After taking the Sales and Negotiations Boot Camp, I used the strategies and have doubled my sales from 2012, have a 100% increase in sales revenue, am able to better qualify prospects and to structure my sales process so I close deals. This is the best professional investment I have ever made” 

Reim 1

Reim El Houni - Managing Director, Ti22 Films FZ LLC

“Before attending the Sales and Negotiations Bootcamp, I was always uncomfortable negotiating with my clients. Most of the time, I gave into discounts and payment terms just to keep the customer. During the course, I learned about a Negotiations Matrix. Using this matrix helped me to close a large deal with out giving into discounts. Recently, I closed a deal and saved over 60,000 AED on discounts. Using the new negotiations process, taught me that negotiating is really a game and there are tactics that both the buyer and the seller use. It was uncomfortable for me at first but the bottom line is that I got my price and the payment terms. Thank you Ramez for a great training! 

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