Sales and Negotiation Boot Camp is a seminar where you will discover the ultimate secrets of negotiating the best deals. This program reveals a proven and pragmatic approach to create satisfied customers at higher prices and exposes the tools to turn customer price objections into value-based sales.

Some of the key topics and features of this program are:

✔ Why people negotiate?
✔ Traits of successful negotiators
✔ Knowing your competitors
Their strengths, weaknesses & their pricing
✔ Developing the right negotiator mindset
Identifying negotiation patterns Common mistakes we make 
✔ Three important steps to plan & negotiate
✔ Creating Satisfied customers at high prices
Converting customer price objections to value based sales - Tips for convincing the buyer to pay more
Sales Negotiation Tactics
Five most important negotiation styles & when to use them
✔ Overcoming intimidation and emotional obstacles 
✔ Leading a Win/Win Negotiation
Always be willing to walk away leaving satisfied customers

In today's competitive environment, your customers are training their buyers to win every possible concession from your sales force: pricing, delivery, service options etc. It happens when your salespeople are not trained to respond effectively and eventually your bottom line suffers. It is believed that most satisfied customers are the ones who pay top dollars because they appreciate the value of their investment. Successful sales negotiators exude confidence, focus on perceived value, and aren't afraid to say NO.

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